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This is a demo of a pixel horror game idea that I had, the art and music are not mine they belong to https://ansimuz.itch.io/gothicvania-town and https://rvros.itch.io/animated-pixel-hero check them out. The art is copy right free as well as the music. 

If you want to see this become a full game please support the demo how ever you can. Thank you. 


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I downloaded the demo, Yay!

You downloaded the demo, Yay!

I am helping the game get real art.

You gave a dollar thank you so much, this will go towards art and other things that the game needs

I am a supporter

You have given a crisp $5 bill to the development of this game thank you so much. It really helps. 


You have helped by giving the game a super crisp 10 dollar bill. Your name will roll in the credits at the end of the game, thank you so much for helping make the game a possibility. Also you get the full game for free, as well as all the previous rewards.

I am in the game!

You gave the game $50 thank you so much, you get to be standing in the game as an NPC/Random. Thank you so much, if you bought this you need to either make a pixel art guy or tell us what you wish to look like.Also you get the full game for free, as well as all the previous rewards. Also for you 4 free download links for your friends.

I did this why?

You gave more than a 100 dollars. Why? We are super great full and for your huge support you get to name a character that will help the main character in the story, and make him if you want. Also you get the full game for free, as well as all the previous rewards, and for you 9 free download links for your friends.  

You will get access to the following files:

ShiningBright.zip 13 MB
ShiningBright.exe 26 MB

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